Posted by: sweeneyblog | May 25, 2011

County Executive Race Fires Up

Update: Check out the Draft Carl Weimer facebook page here

This will be a quick post. In the last 24 hours, Jack Louws, former mayor of Lynden and die-hard conservative declared his run for County Executive. I have to say, the Whatcom Republicans are kicking butt in the clever slogans department, with his official website being Yes, “I Know Jack 2011″. Wow. I will be doing some more research on Jack and his history in the county as this race develops.

The other big news is that Pete Kremen decided not to run for re-election this year. He was struggling with some health issues and I understand his desire not to run the gauntlet again. Although we haven’t always seen eye-to-eye, whenever I talked to him, he was a class act and I tip my hat to him as he rides into the sunset.

This means we have Tom Anderson ( and Jack Louws. There were rumors Doug Ericksen would jump in, we will see if that happens. With it being an open seat, I imagine a few more big names will come out before all is settled. I will try to keep everyone updated.



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  2. Under what premise is Jack a “Die Hard Conservative”? The last time I checked, he did not even seek the republican endorsement. If the comment were made about Erickson, a true party line politician, I would have no qualms with your statement.

  3. […] show a united front, only showcasing their divisions when it comes to Ron Paul supporters or the County Executive race last year, however this could potential divide the local party as effectively as the Pike versus Linville […]

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