Posted by: sweeneyblog | May 19, 2011

Ridiculous Whatcom County Business Ideas

As we slowly stumble out of this recession, people are looking for business ideas to jump start Whatcom County’s economy. You have places like the Bellingham Innovation Group (Big Idea Lab) that helps people develop their business plans and fine tune their ideas. I’m glad, small business owners need all the help they can get.

But this post is dedicated to all the BAD business ideas. The ridiculous and sublime. Come and hit me with your worst Whatcom County Business Idea. Here, I’ll get us started:

Rapture Ready Clean-Up Crew: For $500 upfront, I will go to your house on Saturday after the rapture, clean up any messes, clear your browsing history on your computer and take care of your pets.

Gondola Across Bellingham: Hop in a gondola at WWU campus and drift by cable down to our thriving downtown. Just be sure to wear a raincoat and a parachute, the winds can get quite intense up there. Dramamine provided.

Hipster Cred Promoter: For a small lump sum, will hang out at the Horseshoe Bar and talk about your awesome imaginary band. For an additional fee, will provide flannel and oversized glasses for you to wear, ironically.


What are your Ridiculous Whatcom County Business ideas?



  1. More Development in the Lake Whatcom Watershed

  2. A Coal Train Based Local Economy

  3. A Red Light Camera Based Local Economy

  4. Professional Septic System Self-Inspectors

  5. Adapting Ayn Rand Novels into Blockbuster Movies

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