Posted by: sweeneyblog | May 18, 2011

Patti Brooks Promotes Socialism, Destroying our Cultural Heritage

On my way into work today, I was listening to the Joe and Patti Show on KGMI and they were talking about Gophers in Thurston County. Apparently, there is a couple living down in Thurston County who are upset because they cannot build two more houses on their 20 acre plot because there is an endangered species of gophers living there. You can read the Olympian article here. They were given the choice to either pay to relocate the gophers or fence off the gopher part and only develop part of their 20 acre plot.

So I’m listening to Patti Brooks talk about the government coming in and stealing our property rights, valuing a little rodent over taxpaying citizens and how the government should compensate landowners for this when it hit me. Patti Brooks is a socialist. This couple made a bad business investment. They bought up land with hopes to develop it without looking into the potential hurdles. Their business investment didn’t pan out and now, Patti Brooks wants us, the taxpayers, to bail them out. Just give them a big old government handout for their failed business venture. That’s called socialism folks. Straight up corporate socialism. Maybe Patti Brooks wants us all sucking at the government teat, but I would prefer people have to live with their business decisions, good or bad.

Furthermore, Patti Brooks is trying to destroy our cultural heritage. Yes, the gopher is a “rodent” but an essential part of the ecosystem. I want our natural lands to be protected so that I can take my kids fishing or hunting. Patti Brooks wants to flush all of that down the drain. Who needs our outdoor recreation? Property rights are at stake. We need to save our forests, ecosystems and yes, rodents so that our children can hunt and fish, ride bikes and climb mountains just like I did growing up, and my father before me.

I don’t think we should let a socialist like Patti Brooks destroy our cultural heritage. If you want to let Patti Brooks know how you feel, you can post her blog about the subject here, or you can email her at

In case the sarcasm wasn’t clear enough, I don’t honestly believe that Patti Brooks is a socialist, or even that socialism is necessarily a bad thing. I was making the point that Patti rails against big government every day, but when it comes to the government cutting her a check over a failed business investment, she is all for it. It is pointing out the irony of her contradictory positions.

As always, thank you for reading.



  1. Omg, first she’s a fierce independant, then she’s a re party conservative, now she’s a socialist, LoL.

  2. This is the most ridiculous blog post I’ve read in awhile. Your argument doesn’t even make any sense. LMAO!

    • My idea is that the government reimbursing people for failed business investments is socialism. That is what Patti is advocating. What is ridiculous about that.

  3. Gopher it, Riley.

  4. Patti Brooks is a socialist? Sheesh!

    Oh come on – pull your head out and try for even a modicum of reality sweeneycheeks. Your definition of socialism and trying to pin it on the Brooks gal is just about as ridiculous as Obama saying he loves John Boehner and expecting people to believe it – it just don’t wash.

    What appears to be much more likely to me after stumbling across your tripe, is it is perfectly clear that you have an axe to grind so much so that you are willing to make stuff up about Brooks, draw absurd conclusions, and travel to the Twighlight Zone in just a few paragraphs to attempt to smear and acuse Brooks of exactly the opposite of what she says or discusses on KGMI.

    Anyone that listens to Brooks for more than one day, which I do, and obviously others do too, knows where she stands and its nothing like what your leaping to on this absurd thread. So, I am throwing my BS flag too.

    Just because you have a blog, say that you are a politcal junkie, and know how to use a key board doesn’t make this bunch of claptrap true or justify your blatant attempt to smear a public figure.

    If you expect to have any longterm success at blogging, cut out the smack and get real. People can and will see right through BS.

    Furthermore, I don’t agree all that often with BarnCat, but this time, the whiskered cat critter howls truth with the LOL ———- I second the LOL BarnCat and raise you one ”Oh pahleeeeez!”.

    • Bob Burr hit on the truth of it. I don’t honestly believe that Patti Brooks is a socialist, or even that socialism is necessarily a bad thing. I was making the point that Patti rails against big government every day, but when it comes to the government cutting her a check over a failed business investment, she is all for it. It is pointing out the irony of her contradictory positions.

      As always, thank you for reading.

  5. Riley, I think that BarnCat and Rocky are right on this one. Patti is no Socialist. For starters, Socialism is associated with the intelligentsia and nobody has ever accused her of that.

    If I didn’t know you, I would almost think that your remarks had a bit of whimsical tongue-in-cheek behind them.

    That said, I know that you are not a Socialist either. If you were, you would support mandatory counseling of parents on the public health dangers of not having their male children circumcized; and, I believe you have publicly stated that you are against such a requirement.

  6. So Sweeneydawg, kinda left the ol’ blog on snarkomatic didn’t ya’ ?

    If you’re gonna to make statements that’re so utterly baseless and fabricated ya need to study Ms. Pelosi, the all time most proficient and prolific prevaricator. Sweeneyman, you’re just chump change in the currency of flawed, fictitious, and fallacious reasoning. Bloginator’s thinkin’ you don’t even present a cogent argument for your defamatory and libelous diatribe.

    The Bloginator has listened to Our Miss Brooks for years, commented occasionally on air, and even met her a coupla times. Doesn’t take too much listening to her show, or much conversation with her, to understand exactly where this chick’s comin’ from on most issues and believe me, Sweeneydude, she ain’t no stinkin’ socialist – far from it.

    I suggest you reinvent your blogsite and keep it real this time. Call it the Bush League Blogger.

  7. It would certainly appear the Political Junkie is either one whom does not listen very closely and could stand to hone in on those auditory skills or is truly feeling threatened by the demise of the progressive left. I will proudly wave the BS flag as well. Brooks is neither a socialist nor did she ever advocate for any government hand out to the property owner, as I did go back and listen to the show since I had missed it. I think it is fairly accurate to say since she has to sit next to the likes of Smokin’ Joe Teahan she may appear to be on the political right side of any issue, making it much easier for the likes of PJ to attempt at painting her into a corner. However, anyone with even a half of a brain who does listen knows there is common sense and common ground on a majority of the issues. Libertarian, Independent, Tea Party, Constitutionalist, or whichever you choose to label her as; Brooks is no socialist.

  8. Like I note at the bottom of the post, I know that Patti is no socialist. BUT advocating for the government to reimburse people for bad business decisions is essentially socialism.

  9. Well Sweeney,

    I see now that you’ve said more than once since your initial false accusations blogging, and incoherent reasoning accusing Brooks as a socialist, that NOW you admit she isn’t a socialist, and didn’t mean it all along? Whoa dude! You better start thinking before you blog man – the public actually expects truth and facts if you expect to be taken seriously. You have damaged yourself in this ill though out smear campaign man.

    Take off that ridiculous picture you swiped from the KGMI site and labeled in big letters ‘SOCIALIST’ across Brook’s picture.

    By writing the BS to begin with, then posting the bodacious scarlet lettered smiling face picture of Brooks/KGMI photo with the socialist lable smacked across it, then your limp excuses for wild-ass falsehoods —– come on —–

    Where’s the believablity and sincerity fella?

    Be honest, man up, remove the picture label and APOLOGIZE publically on your bolg site AT THE TOP to the gal. She deserves that, and from other poster’s comments, even the ones that don’t particularly like her, I’ll bet most would agree that IS the right thing to do.

    This is still America dude and you don’t go around unjustly trashing someone’s reputation, then give inane, wet noodle, ‘Oh, I didn’t really mean it folks’ statements ONLY BURIED in the comments section, and maintain ANY credibility as a blogger.


    Man up, Fix it dude.

    • But see that’s the thing. She is advocating socialism, that’s the point. I don’t think giving my take on her support for socialism requires an apology. That’s the great thing about both of us being opinion people, she can say what she thinks and I can say what I think and people can weigh the issue themselves.

  10. SweeneyChump: Bloginator thinks you’ve really stepped in it; jumped the shark as it were. Bloginator also thinks unsubstantiated defaming and libeling someone is seriously bad juju. It’s just pea brained to persist in a falsehood when so many have called you on it. And the Rockster is right – you really went over the top by “borrowing” Patti’s pixels and labeling it (libeling it ?) “socialist”.

    A good blog is not a bully pulpit, it’s an exchange of ideas. A good blog tries to be accurate and factual, opinionated to be sure, but not a baseless, manufactured diatribe with neither relevance nor realism. A good blog needn’t defame or libel to create sensationalism. More than anything, a good blog must have credibility. No cred = no readers. No readers = no blog. Bloginator agrees with others that said an apology and taking down the libelous pixels would give you credibility and respect. Otherwise, Bloginator thinks the SweeneyChump, aka Bush League Blogger, is a big fail.

    • Since Bloginator and Rocky J. both sent me comments from the same computer, I’m going to assume they are the same person, but points for effort. I suggest taking a deep breath and finding something else to worry about.

  11. So, Sweeney, you won’t apologize when you have libeled someone and you obviously don’t have the cajones to admit you were wrong. Tsk, tsk, tsk. You really stepped in it big time.

    Well, you have proven yourself a dishonest blogger, and I for one will be sure that anyone I know knows just what kind of tripe you put out as a pretend blogger that is not worth the click of the mouse. Believe me, this IS a small town and the word will get around pretty quick on what you are doing – especially when you said it all in your very own words in black and white.

    You are in denial now, but I can guarantee any of us seasoned enough on the internet do, in fact, know dishonesty, libel, and ripped-off imagery when we see it and buddy you have both offenses all over your blogging face – even if you attempt to hide it behind ‘your opinion’ – which in this case won’t protect you. Suit yourself, because someone will sue you eventually.

    You apparantly really are just too plain stupid after your last post to me to admit it. Sooner or later, someone will sue your ass for doing such things – because if you keep it up, you will be caught with someone that has deep pockets will teach you a lesson in civics, copyright laws, and in personal responsibility.

    Furthermore, since you swiped the image from KGMI – and anyone that has gone to the KGMI website can clearly see that’s where you took the image to impugn Brooks’ character, and even not being a lawyer, I blog enough to see that small bloggers like you are being taken to court for doing exactly what you did and it looks to me like they could get you on at least two counts. Guess we will just have to wait and see. I’ll start popping the popcorn for the show.

    And quite frankly, at first, I was just giving you a friendly heads up, but hey, you know what – since you are keeping this up, I sure as hell hope someone really does sue your ass off simply for your arrogance in thinking you won’t get caught – you deserve to be shown you are not above the law.

    And, for YOUR information, any of Brooks’ listeners KNOW that the point is that she DOESN’T advocate socialism and many of her listeners have posted the same thing whether they agree with her ides or not.

    You even admitted she is not a socialist! Then, you turn around again, because you are not man enough to admit you were wrong, and flip yet again and now say emphatically and in bold type that she IS advocating socialism.

    You really are, in my opinion, a cheap, dishonest piece of work not any more of my time.

    You have flip flopped, libeled, posted all kinds of illogical non-sense, and ripped off KGMI. I have no ties to them what-so-ever other than an entertainment source, but I do respect that they try to be above board and tell both sides of issues, although I still think they lean more left than middle or right.

    You, are obviously are trying to do willful damage to a local personality’s reputation at any cost – you are a slime ball, pure and simple in MY opinion.

  12. Sweeney,

    You can assume all you want, but you are wrong.

    A similar IP address doesn’t mean same people – in fact, there are several people that use the same computers (that is plural if you have not been able to figure out what the ‘s’ means at the end of a word) at this IP address for internet access.

    So, once again, you are misrepresenting to try to cover up YOUR deficiencies by erroneously attacking others when you clearly do NOT know what you are talking about.

    I also notice that you have dug yourself in and are ignoring your illegal act towards swiping imagery from KGMI – bad move.

    Your mistake, not others.

    • I can use their graphic because I have modified it under the fair use clause for satire purposes. Like I said, deep breath my friend. Thank you for reading.

      • Patti Brooks asked me to remove it, so I did, if anyone is wondering what happened to the graphic

  13. riley, u little weazel, i’m not gonna take you fishing if you don’t wise up. Why post such a tribe over bellingham t party website? don’t think that had any merit riley sweeney. go complain over kgmi’s forum or do they have one? I thought you were more professionalism than that buzzardhut! Your a well educated young man, use it for common good riley sweeney 🙂 How about giving us your thoughts on Netanyahu, coming to D.C. the last few days.

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  15. […] this materials seems to be drawn from the research done by The Whatcom Excavator, and focused on by Patti Brooks on KGMI. Shane Roth of Latte Republic did a big long series analyzing this issue, you can find it online […]

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