Posted by: sweeneyblog | April 22, 2011

Jay Inslee Speaks to the Whatcom Democrats

Congressman and rumored Gubernatorial Candidate Jay Inslee came to speak at the Whatcom Democrats monthly membership meeting. He spoke about being optimistic for the future, the strong and courageous budget battles being played out in Washington, DC and  his values as a statesmen. You can watch his full speech below:




    May 17, 2011

    To the possible members of the democratic caucus:

    I request that you consider other candidates rather than Obama to be the nominee for president. There are other men/women more worthy than he. One is Deval Patrick, Governor of Massachusetts. There are others worthy of consideration. Although I have voted for Democrats from my first vote forward, I can not with moral integrity vote for Obama again. I have recited the Pledge of Allegiance thousands of times with my right hand over my heart and facing the American flag. Each time I recommit myself to the democratic principles for which this nation stands. As a pledged citizen it my duty and privilege to defend and uphold the rights granted to me under the U.S. Constitution. These rights include established justice, the promotion of the general welfare and the blessing of liberty.

    From the actions and orders of President Obama, it is my firmly held opinion and belief that Obama does not share my same beliefs and values.

    My reasons follow:
    • I want a true Democrat in office that will put people over Big Business. Obama is not this man.
    • I see no evidence of his closing loop holes or creating taxes for huge companies.
    • I do not want a president who gives money to the super rich as Obama did.
    • I want a president who will use his veto power. Obama did not veto the budget. This budget will cause great hardship to millions of people all over America.
    • I want a president who supports schools and does not work to dismantle them. American schools are not broken .They will be dismantled and replaced with charter schools if Arne Duncan has his way. This under-educated man with very little experience was appointed by Obama to be Secretary of U.S. Education. Please check this man’s track record. Please also look at the programs that he is pushing. This is not teaching to learn but teaching to the test. Programs to destroy the teacher’s ability to teach children to think. Programs to fire teachers if the children do not test well. Of course, the very rich and big business want this. In this way they do not have to use money to support public schools but make money on charter schools.
    • I want a president who is against nuclear power. Even after the enormous destruction at the Fukushima nuclear power station Obama supports nuclear power. We have several very risky power plants now. Companies and big businesses cannot be trusted to maintain them in a safe condition. Nuclear power is a threat to life on this earth. I want a president who wants to save the earth not destroy it. Obama is not the man for me.
    • I want a president who defends, upholds and abides by the U. S. constitution. Obama did not get the approval of Congress for his latest war. We were not in immediate peril. Our constitution gives us the right to a jury trial regardless of the heinousness of the crime. There is exclusion in the time of war. Are we in a declared war? Are we in war with weak women? We also have the rules of war established by the Nuremburg Principles. War criminals were tried at Nuremburg for killing millions of people and other most horrible crimes. Bin Laden should have been tried not murdered. In a trial a lot of evidence would have been exposed. A dead man dumped in the sea can tell no tales. He should have been captured. We have since the early 1940’s been training highly skilled men. This started with the U.S. Department of Special Warfare. A detachment of these men would find a weak, old diabetic man and a woman an easy task. The display of the over zealous, yelling and jumping crowds in the U.S. after the murder looked like a lynch mob. Lynchings have happened in our country. I know of several that happened in Columbus, Georgia when I lived near by. One happened in San Jose, California. If you want to see pictures of these just look them up. I do not want a president who promotes this type of behavior. Obama is not the man for me.

    I want a president that I can be proud of.


    Pearl Follett

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