Posted by: sweeneyblog | April 9, 2011

A Sweetener for Old School Politics

Most political maneuvering is overt. Mike Pence (R-Indiana) ready to shut down the government if the government gives kids condoms, for instance. President Obama slowly taking more proactive stances in preparation for the 2012 campaign. These strokes are broad, deliberate and usually, without any sort of grace. Which is why I like to note when politicos leaven their partisan jabs with levity or a bit of style (I highlighted Harry Reid’s old school politicking in an earlier post here). Pouring over my morning news, this caught my eye.

New Hampshire Democrats thank Mitt Romney as the “founding father of modern health reform.”

Brilliant. Simply brilliant. In case you didn’t know, Mitt Romney is the candidate the White House currently most fears. As a moderate former governor from Massachusetts with business chops, and more money than God, he would present a formidable foe. Hence, the New Hampshire Democrats having some fun at his expense. They even got a cake to celebrate the five-year anniversary of “RomneyCare” in Massachusetts being passed.

“The state Democratic Party will mark the occasion with a press conference in Concord with elected officials and health care advocates to `thank Romney for providing the critical momentum necessary to get President Obama’s vision of health reform through Congress and signed into law,’ according to an NHDP advisory obtained by Granite Status.”

Mitt Romney’s biggest hurdle will be clinching the Republican nomination away from whomever ends up representing the Tea Party. By reminding all the Republicans that he was an early adopter of the dreaded Government takeover of Health Care, the New Hampshire Democrats get to eat cake while twisting the cake knife in Romney’s side.  Yumm!



  1. I’m not in favor of the Massachusetts system but State’s do have the right to attempt such a program whereas in my opinion the Federal government does not. It’s really that simple.

  2. That’s why I like the Waiver system. The Federal system sets standards and if the State’s have a more efficient way of delivering coverage, like single payer, they can implement it themselves.

  3. This really is very clever of the New Hampshire Democrats. I don’t know that it’ll get picked up by news media enough to gain momentum now, but it may prove very influential in 2012, when the media is actually listening.

  4. The only problem with this tact is that it might backfire to some degree by giving Romney more “reasonable” republican support and gaining some swing voters that lean more toward the center. Puts him closer to a moderate and further away from the Tea Party fringe which actually makes him a more dangerous threat to Obama in the bigger picture. Let’s not forget that Obama won by swaying independents and centrists and will the democratic base be as energized in ’12 as they were in ’08? I think not since most of America has a short term memory and as a society we are permanently focused on instant gratification. “Change” hasn’t come fast enough for most, and that will lead to apathy at the ballot box. That’s what got Tony Larson elected right her in Whatcom County. 😉 But then maybe I’m being too cynical?

  5. I agree that in a normal cycle this would be smart, peel off moderate support from Obama, however the Republican nomination process is dominated by Tea Party members so doubt he will make it past June.

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