Posted by: sweeneyblog | February 9, 2011

County Council: Breaking the Law

The conservative County Council has decided, rather than comply with state law and adopt some common sense planning guidelines, to fight it tooth and nail. There has been a great deal of discussion about it among those who are in the know, so here I go, shamelessly trying to bring everyone else up to speed. Rather than re-write what has already been written, here is a round up of some very excellent writing about it.

First, here is an article by Shane Roth (with myself editing) that brings you up to speed on this issue

County Council: Breaking the Law

if you need more background, here is an earlier article lining up how we got to this point, again written by Shane and myself

Conservative County Council Ruled Invalid for Illegal Planning

Now that the County Council is ready to sue, there is an article on the Herald Blog:

Whatcom County challenging rural ‘invalidity’ ruling in Superior Court

The Cascadia Weekly column “The Gristle” has covered it quite a bit. you can find that here:

Instruments We Have Created and an older column here Zombie Planning

The Whatcom Watch had an excellent article written by Jean Melious and Cathy Lehman explaining the legal background and giving a great summary on the whole issue as it relates to sprawl:

What Does “Order of Invalidity” Mean? Defining the Growth Management Hearings Board Decision


And finally, read up the latest rant by Shane Roth on Latte Republic about the conservatives attempt to skew the hearing by having it in their own backyard:

Nerditorial – The Home Court Advantage



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