Posted by: sweeneyblog | January 25, 2011

State of the Union and Jails

Sorry it has been so quiet, I’ve been working on this jail project. Everyone in Whatcom County should come to the meeting, Feb 3rd, at 6pm in the County Council chambers. The proposed jail is way too big for our community, way too expensive and unworkable in its current form. We need to be focusing our resources on better things than this. Read all about it at


The State of the Union address is tonight, I urge everyone to watch it. I will be writing a rather indepth analysis of it here and for the Whatcom Watch. Check back in a couple days to look at the language of the speech.

In the meantime, enjoy a little State of the Union bingo I made. Click here to download it



  1. no, we need the jails. for when conservatives win the whitehouse in 2012, all you missfit left wing feminized nazi’s riot in the streets, break windows, light fires we will need a place to put all the haters of Israel in

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