Posted by: sweeneyblog | January 12, 2011

Kathy Kershner votes FOR Sexual Assault. Shameful!

At the county council meeting tonight, Kathy Kershner voted against funding our Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services. She voted FOR giving Ski to Sea plenty of money to advertise themselves, but god forbid we try and prevent sexual assault. Shameful.



  1. Jeez. Nice to know they give as much priority to these services as in the UK …

  2. […] Crawford received an email from a CAITIC representative that had stated that CAITIC had paid for Kathy Kershner and Bill Knutzen’s election. When the public tried to get their hands on that email, oops, it […]

  3. […] finally, because it is so popular, Kathy Kershner‘s vote FOR Sexual […]

  4. […] and another that does not believe in the laws of Physics.” These were references to Kathy Kershner, who aside from promoting Sexual Assault in our community, also once said “Phosphorus does […]

  5. […] previous endorsement of various Republicans (including noted Domestic Violence Supporter, Kathy Kershner) he responded that the Guild is democratic, they vote on who to endorse, just like the Whatcom […]

  6. […] recently linked one of my older posts about Kathy Kershner, accusing her of supporting sexual assault in our community by voting against funding for Domestic […]

  7. […] the first county council meeting this year, if only to say hi to my good friends Ken Mann and Kathy Kershner. I have also received a whole new bundle of public records from the Employee Moonlighting […]

  8. […] funding for mental health funding, as well as drug prevention and domestic violence prevention. Kathy Kershner has taken some heat for slashing domestic violence prevention funds while on the […]

  9. […] as part of the tea party movement in 2009, she began a brutal series of votes. She slashed over $80,000 from the Domestic Violence Commission and the Bellingham Food Bank at the height of the recession. Since then, she has moderated her tone – but the tea party […]

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