Posted by: sweeneyblog | January 4, 2011

Carl Weimer asks the council to NOT leave him out, reminds them of responsibilities

My favorite last sane man in the room, Carl Weimer, is in Texas right now. So that is EXACTLY when the Conservative county council wants to discuss how to sue the state to keep breaking the law. The County Council has been found to be out of compliance with the Growth Management Act and slapped with an “Order of Invalidity”. In English, they continue to allow people to build whatever they want out in the county without a solid plan for how they provide sewer, water, fire, police and the rest. In short, they don’t do their homework and only do what the developers tell them to do. As a result they got this “Order of Invalidity”. Think of it as a warning, the next one is formal sanctions.   Carl Weimer has spoken out repeatedly against this sort of shady behavior, and now, when he’s out of town, they decided to meet and discuss it.


In private. They refuse to make it an open meeting. Carl is not pleased and sends off this email.

Hi all,

Greetings from Fort Worth Texas.
I had no idea there was a plan to have a special meeting to discuss the GMHB decision today until I received this notice when I checked into my hotel here at 4 PM yesterday. I really would like to be a part of this meeting so I request that the meeting be cancelled and rescheduled for Thursday morning when I will be back. If that can not be done I request that the meeting be recorded (including any executive session) so I can review the discussion when I return.
I have not received any information from the Prosecutor’s Office or the Administration regarding the implications of this ruling or what our options are. It seems that discussion of those very basic facts and concerns have no “adverse legal or financial consequence” to the County so such discussions should take place in an open session so the public can also understand these issues. I hope the Council, the Prosecutor or the Administration will not try to hide such discussions behind a veil of executive session because the people have a right to understand this as well as we do. Since I have received many emails since I arrived here with concerns about this being discussed in a closed door session, and there seems to be an understanding that the entire discussion will be in executive session, this seems to be another good reason to postpone the meeting till Thursday morning. This would allow us to re-advertise the meeting making it clear that we will be having this discussion in an open session so the people can also be informed. This is clearly the Council’s policy intent as stated in WWC 2.02.040 Meetings (A).
Thanks for your consideration.
Let’s hope the council heeds his advice. You can show up and complain in person before they go into “Executive Session” today at 1pm at the County Council chambers.


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