Posted by: sweeneyblog | August 31, 2010

What I am reading and loving

Hello Beautiful People,

As is my habit during busy campaign seasons, I am reading lots of books that have nothing to do with politics. Its my way of decontaminating and winding down. Since you all care about what I’m reading, here is my summer reading list and what I liked:

Transmetropolitan by Warren Ellis
This graphic novel series has a pretty simple formula. "Hunter S. Thompson’s life" + "The Future" + "Political Satire" = Crazy Awesome. It follows one Spider Jeruselum as he inhales lots of illegal substances, tackles evil and crooked politicians and publishes his offensive columns filled with THE TRUTH! Offensively funny, this series is great, highly recommended. You get lots of bonus jokes if you are familiar with Hunter S. Thompson’s life and can pick out the parallels.

The Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan
I started this series in high school and enjoyed it. I’m just now returning to see read the latest four books and I find that they are all pretty good . . . if you like doorstopping fantasy. Yes, the Wheel of Time series is epic fantasy. Grand tales of wizards, and sword wielding heroes, a dark one and ferious creatures. However, if you are nut about mythology and history, Wheel of Time offers a treasure trove of wonderful characters. You can find the heroes journeys of Odin, Thor, King Arthur, Morgan le Fey, how cannons were developed, how polearms became outdated and even a recreation of the War of the Roses. It’s dense reading at times, with whole chapters about minor characters you don’t really care about, but sewn together it is a fine epic. I give it 3 out of 5.

Astro City by Kurt Busiek
This beautifully done graphic novel series is a visual tribute to the Silver Age comics. It follows a number of normal people who live in a city populated by Super-Heroes. The bellhop who dodges debries from falling robots, the writer who publishes stories about the heroes and fears retribution, and even the super heroes themselves get a story or two. The first issue follows a Superman Expy who all really wants to do is fly. His greatest joy is simply moving to wherever there needs to be people saved. A fascinating series and the art is incredible.


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