Posted by: sweeneyblog | February 24, 2010

Brett Bonner is a giant pantload (Hat tip to Apexnerd)

Apexnerd re-wrote Brett Bonner’s latest press release to a more humorous end. Take a look


Bellingham, WA—People Who Think Brett Bonner Is A Giant Pantload has announced eight local co-chairs in the effort opposing the pantload that is Brett Bonner.

The co-chairs represent a broad spectrum of bloggers and political ne’erdowells. Campaign Manager Apexnerd says their courage to step forward shows that a consensus is building in the community that the 33% hike in Bonner’s Pantload Factor is unwarranted.

“The co-chairs agree that now is not the time to be forced to listen to some giant pantload. Many families and businesses are hurting, and this giant pantload is hurting those who can least afford it the most. Mr. Bonner is just the wrong pants carrying the wrong load,” Apexnerd said.

People Who Think Brett Bonner Is A Giant Pantload also believe that there is no reason for Mr. Bonner to be a pantload on such an epic scale. With the load Mr Bonner is currently carrying in his pants, Mr. Bonner can continue without any reduction in his pantload capacity until 2012.

“Not only is now the wrong time for a pantload like Brett Bonner to take up precious time we will never get back, but it is completely unnecessary at this point. With Mr. Bonner’s pants carrying an unnecessary load, our group is urging the community to vote ‘To Ignore Any Proposition Made By This Walking Pantload’. With such a huge load in his pants, we think it is reasonable to take a wait-and-see approach. The main thing is that we can do it without having to listen to some guy who is nothing but a giant pantload.”

The co-chairs of People Who Think Brett Bonner Is A Giant Pantload are:

Suzie Q




Riley Sweeney




Apexnerd said the group is very representative of the community. “Our co-chairs are Democrats, Republicans, Independents and Libertarians; people involved in business organizations and with civic non-profits groups. They all have in common the belief that listening to a giant walking pantload is just wrong at the present time.”


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