Posted by: sweeneyblog | January 23, 2010

Stumbling Backwards and Threatening the County

For those of you just tuning in, Sam Crawford, malevolent conservative who recently worked very hard to get more republicans on the county council using both legal (elections) and unethical (weird appointment nonsense) methods. These republicans then elected him Chairman of the County Council. This is all fine, but what he then proceeds to do is introduce a whole slew of resolutions that refight all the votes he lost in the last couple of years. What do these fights all have in common? They all put Whatcom County in danger.

First, Crawford has recommended refunding a tax that was collected to fund the Water Projects budget. This tax works out to be $9 on a $300,000 home. Not too shabby when you consider the money is used for storm water drains on Lake Whatcom, and redirecting Jones Creek out in the county. You know, the creek that could flood the town of Acme and its elementary school.

Second, he wants to undo the Green Power initiative. Okay, this one won’t technically put us in danger but its pretty darn stupid. Every year the county pays extra to the power company to ensure that we are buying power from green sources. Wind, solar, geo-thermal, whatever. Most likely it is from the big windfarms out in Eastern Washington. Crawford wants to remove this. Which might be sensible, if not for the fact that ITS FREE! That’s right, the US Government pays for our initiative through one of its many grants and programs. So literally, Crawford’s only point to remove this is because he likes burning coal, I guess. Ugh

Finally, he wants to cut the budget for Septic inspections. Now this is an issue that really doesn’t need much explanation. Turds, floating down rivers and into your drinking water. Its that simple, it puts us at risk for disease.

All these, very dumb ideas. Thanks Sam Crawford. You are up for reelection this year, pass these and see how that turns out for you.


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