Posted by: sweeneyblog | November 23, 2009

Republicans? We need to talk about this Palin business . . .

Hello Republican party. How are you doing? Its been a tough couple of cycles for you. Losing the House and the Senate in 2006, then the White House in 2008. The only branch you have control over now is the Judiciary, and well, there is not alot they can do for you. Believe me, I feel your pain. 2002 and 2004 was no walk in the park for us. We had some tough times. But lets talk about how you are dealing with it.
I know the Glenn Beck and Limbaugh’s have a place in your party. They always have and always will. That’s fine. Neither one of them is ever going to run for office, they are basically cheerleaders. That’s cool. We have Michael Moore. I know, loud fat guys are awesome when they are angry. I think that’s why The Simpsons got so many seasons. Anyway, I digress. My issue is with Sarah Palin.

I know her book is fast becoming a best seller but this is becoming ridiculous. Can you even name some of her policy positions? What is her plan for Afghanistan? What is her plan for Health Care Reform? Aside from “Cut Taxes” and “Drill Oil” can you think of any of her plans for office?

Here are some of her supporters waiting to get their book signed, and they can’t even name any of her positions, and these are her SUPPORTERS! Seriously. I know you conservatives are having a tough time, but that doesn’t mean you should embrace a political lightweight. Now is the time to find someone with some intellectual heft. Someone who can lead the party in a new perspective. The thing is, Dorothy, you’ve had these people all along. You want to nominate a woman to lead? Smart idea. Here’s some great conservative women candidates already in your party, just waiting for the spotlight.

Meet Kay Bailey Hutchinson. She has been a long-time Senator from Texas. She’s been in the Senate for over 16 years, has been very influencial in crafting No Child Left Behind, various tax policies and providing the equipment our military needs to fight the wars she supported. She is a solid conservative with complex opinions on foreign and domestic policy. But you know what? She was so tired of being ignored by the republican national party, she has decided to pack it up and head back to Texas to run for Governor. But I bet you could coax her to run for President, if you tried. She’s smart, capable and conservative.

Okay, too southern? How about going to the North.

Meet Jodi Rell, Governor of Connecticut. She is quite conservative, but has held the Governors office of a very liberal state for the last four years. During that time she has cracked down on crime, reformed the prison system, vetoed civil unions and passed campaign finance reform. She was on the short list for McCain’s VP but she was passed over, and you know what? She has packed up her bags and decided not to run for re-election. Seeing a theme here?

I know losing makes a party a little crazy, but how you deal with the defeats shows your strength as a movement. We Democrats decided to start competing in all 50 states, as opposed to just spending money in the races we could win, and it worked pretty well. Who would have thought we would have won Virginia, North Carolina, Montana and Indiana in the last couple of cycles? But we did. You guys are going through a similiar sort of introspection. Please, I know we aren’t on the same side, but I prefer my opposition to be coherent. I want to talk about policy, not personality. So please, look to some of the fine conservative women you already have within your party. And dump Palin. She’s not worth it.



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