Posted by: sweeneyblog | October 14, 2009

What happens next with Health Care Reform?

Hello! Its your favorite political guy again. Here is what is going on with Health Care reform.

The Senate Finance committee finally stopped dragging its feet and passed their bill. Their bill is stuffed to the gills with tax giveaways to the insurance industry, in return for some basic customer protections. However, there is NO public option in this bill. That’s okay, though. Now what happens is that Harry Reid (D-NV, our spineless majority leader) goes into his office with Chris Dodd (D-CT, pro-public option) and Max Baucus (D?-MT, pro-taking money from insurance companies) and they hash it out about merging the four bills that have been passed out of various committees. They will use the finance committee bill as a framework, because it has all the mechanisms for paying for the law (Finance, get it?), but hopefully, they will add in the public option, which is part of the three other bills passed out of committee.

Once they have merged the bill, it will be sent to floor of the Senate for debate. This is when every Republican, especially those wanting to run for President in 2012, or re-election in 2010, will get up and decry this bill to high heaven. Then, hopefully, we will hold a vote.

Once the bill is on the floor of the Senate, it is very difficult to change. For better or worse, what comes out of Reid’s office will be our only option for reform.


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