Posted by: sweeneyblog | March 5, 2009

Note to Internet people

Yes, Dollhouse isn’t fabulous. It isn’t knock-your-socks-off fabulous, but damn it. It has to suck a little bit before it figures out where it is going.

Remember how Buffy was the first season? Or Angel? How about the first three seasons of 3rd Rock From the Sun? Or maybe all of Supernatural?

Look, give it a shot. Joss got full editorial control over the show on episode six. So stop your bashing and give it a shot, because 90% Joss is still better than most other stuff out there.

Oh yeah. One more thing. I know Dollhouse has some serious issues concerning consent, rape and feminism as a whole. The good people at the feminist website shakesville bring it up alot. I agree. If a woman is brainwashed into having sex with you, that’s rape. I think it is supposed to feel nauseating for the audience when they think about it for more than a few seconds. I don’t feel Joss is glorifying it at all. Just waiting for the payoff when Echo/Caroline realizes what has been going on.

EDIT: To back-up my assertions about having faith that Joss will deal with the human trafficing/rape aspect, check out this youtube video in which he addresses just that issue. Around 2:00.


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