Posted by: sweeneyblog | January 28, 2009

Gay Marriage in Washington: We might just pull this off!

I have always been impressed with our state legislative team. Maybe that’s my Olympia bias coming out, but the Democratic super-majority in the Capital Dome has done some good things in the last couple of years, and are set to do it again.

First, in 2006, they tried to pass a civil union law and it failed by one vote.

Then next year, 2007, they tried again and for the last year we have had legal civil unions in Washington. Now the civil union law that got passed was pretty watered down. It basically created the legal status and conferred hospital rights, and organ donor rights. Very little in the way of tax code or housing status applications.

In 2008, Chris Gregoire asked and got the state legislature to hold off on full gay marriage. She said the election would make the issue overly political, and that she would full support it after her reelection. I really agree. Elections tend to polarize people. I know it is hard to tell people who have been denied for so long to hold off, but it will be worth it because . . .

Now we have Democrats pushing through FULL civil unions. "Everything but the word" is their rallying point. Full legal benefits, full status. We just won’t call them marriages, until . . .

 . . . a year or two later when everyone has chilled out a little about all the Gays ruining their heterosexual marriages. I think our politicians have clued in that time is on our side for this issue. The people who are upset about gay marriage, frankly, are dying off. So if we take it in phases, it will fly under the radar enough to pass.

Once its there, hopefully it will stay there.

Anyways, some hopeful news about Gay Marriage.


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