Posted by: sweeneyblog | January 8, 2009

This is why Republicans are smarter than Democrats

"Diane Feinstein ‘upset’ over Obama pick for CIA"
"Harry Reid ‘disappointed’ over Obama’s stance on Lieberman"
"Nancy Pelosi parts ways with Obama over Bush Tax Cuts"

Ugh. When Bush swept into office in 2000, barely squeezing in by a handful of votes in Florida, the Republicans in congress lined up to accomplished whatever he asked. They pushed their own legislation sure, but in public they were unified front. It was in those six years from 2000-2006 that they accomplished nearly everything they attempted with very little public squabbling. PATRIOT Act, FISA, invading Iraq, massive contracts to Halliburton, roll backs in nearly every social program. They got it done.

Now its 2009, we have a fully democratic congress and a democratic president and yet, suddenly all these prominent democrats feel like they need to knee-cap the president. I am all for Congress having disagreements with the President. Just because you are both democrats does NOT mean that you agree on everything. But jeez, the guy hasn’t even moved into the White House and you feel the need to go running to the presses because he didn’t ask you about something before he announced it. Every little sorrid hurt feeling needs to get a full blast of airtime on MSNBC? Time for some of these congressional "leaders" to sit down at a table and start working on policy, so when Obama presents his plan, they can work with him to get it passed.

Take Max Baucus for instance. He is the Democratic Senator from Montana who is the Chairman of the Finance Committee (i.e. he is in charge of any changes in the tax plan). He put forth his proposal for Universal Health Care. Didn’t make a big deal about it. Just wrote up a very detailed purposal and submitted it, publically, to Obama for his consideration. There, you have input. You are making your stance known.

Compare that with Diane Fienstien, who chairs the Intelligence Committee (oversees CIA). When Obama appoints someone head of the CIA, she goes running to the New York Times complaining that he didn’t consult her and that she didn’t like his appointment because Obama didn’t "respect the role of congress in the process". This from the woman who REFUSED TO INVESTIGATE BUSH FOR SPYING ON US!!! Dude. You are a DEMOCRAT. That should have been first thing on your list as "role of congress".

Also, I’d like to say, that Harry Reid is shockingly incompetent and needs to be replaced ASAP.

Okay. Political shouting match done.


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