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Riley’s Election Guide

Ballots drop the 15th or 16th, so you should get them by the 20th. Here is my election guide. I’m certainly not the final source of information, but I hope to provide some info you won’t find in the voters pamphlet.

I’ve tagged alot of people I don’t usually talk to about politics in this note. I’m sorry for being obnoxious but nobody can sit on the sidelines for this election, and the local races affect us the most. So please, print this off, share it with friends, family, whatever. Look through it while you fill out your ballot.

Thank you.

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Statewide Initiatives

I-985: Open up Carpool lanes, rearrange taxes: NO!!!!!

First of all, this is a Tim Eyman initiative, which right there should tip you off that it is crap. Tim Eyman has been behind all the really crappy initiatives that have deprived buses of funding all across our state. Second, you should vote against this because it’s a bad idea. Opening up carpool lanes to people with only one driver is bad enough, but to siphon away taxes from public transportation to fix roads, not a good solution. Vote No!

I-1000: Death With Dignity: Yes.

This initiative provides people who are in tons of pain and terminally ill, but of sound mind, to choose when they end their life. It is almost identical to Oregon’s law. This choice is very rarely used in Oregon, but it is nice to have that option if people choose to do it. I feel about this the way I feel about Abortion. If someone is going to choose to end their life because they are in so much pain, they will find a way. This law guarantees that they get psychiatric evaluation first, and that it is done safely. Vote Yes.

I-1029: Require long-term caretakers more training: I suppose yes.

This initiative requires that caretakers get more training before they are certified. It seems to be a good idea, exempting family members taking care of family members, and applying only to professional caretakers. I say yes, mainly because the people against it mainly are people who own caretaking companies and the people for it are nurses, doctors, and health advocates.

Statewide Races

President: Obama/Biden (D)

You don’t need me to tell you why. If you do, message me and I will tell you, but I will save everyone else the eyespace.

Congressional Races

District 2nd (Whatcom County): Rick Larsen (D)

Okay, he’s not the best Democrat in the world, but he worked with Rep. Dennis Kucinich to pass the “Wild Skies” initiative that protected large swaths of Washington’s old growth forests from development, and preserved our good air quality. He’s worth sending back.

District 3rd (Thurston County): Sigh, Brian Baird (D), I guess.

Look, I voted against him in the primary because he flip flopped on the surge. But the guy they have running against him is nuts. If they had a decent Libertarian republican against him, I’d say go for it. But they don’t. So vote democrat, and hope he gets better.

District 6th (Parts of Pierce, Kitsap, Mason, Jefferson, Clallam, Grey’s Harbor): NORM DICKS (D)!!!!!

Dude. I work for the guy. Vote for him. Do it now. Yes, he isn’t as aggressive as we would like on ending the war, but he is a hardcore environmentalist. I have talked to him three times on a one-on-one basis and two of those times he brought up “Dissolved oxygen content of the Puget sound” without any prompting. This man knows his stuff, is into investing in our community to create jobs, and most importantly, pays my bills.

District 8th (Renton, Bellevue, parts of Pierce, King County): Darcy Burner (D)!!!

This is the one of the closest contested races IN THE NATION right now. Darcy Burner, a former Microsoft geek is trying to oust Republican former sheriff Dave Reichart. Reichart, who thought Iraq was a “great idea” and that gays need “a good talkin’ to” to straighten out, needs to go. Darcy Burner is smart, capable, and right on everything. Against the bailout because it didn’t create American jobs? Check. Against FISA? Check. She’s your gal.

State Executive Races

Governor: Chris Gregoire (D)

Look, I know a lot of people don’t like her personally. I don’t care. She has done her job spectacularly, for instance . . .

*When the costs of medical insurance were skyrocketing causing doctors were leaving the state because they couldn’t take on new patients for fear of getting sued, Gregoire brought the doctor unions and the insurance companies to the table and negotiated a compromise that other states are now emulating.
*When religious conservatives were trying to block contraceptives from being available at pharmacies, she stepped up and guaranteed they are available at every pharmacy now.
*One of her first acts as Governor has been to guarantee civil union benefits for LGBT couples across the state.
*Forbes magazine labeled Washington the 3rd best state to start a new business.

Rossi is scary and going to cut a lot of programs we need and depend on, but I’m not going to scare you into voting AGAINST Rossi, I need you to vote FOR Gregoire. If anyone needs more reasons, I will go into them in the comments, but here is a good start.

Secretary of State: Sam Reed (R)

Again, with the republicans, what gives? Here is why, Sam Reed is a good and honest man. He does his job well with integrity. See that ballot you just got in the mail? He is the one that has been dead set against electronic voting and has pushed for mail-in balloting state wide. When the Governor’s race came down to the wire in 2004, Karl Rove flew to our state and walked into his office and said to rig the election for Rossi. Sam Reed told him to get the fuck out of his office. Now this story is second hand, but the fact remains. Sam Reed does his job well and deserves reelection.

Attorney General: John Ladenburg (D)

Our current AG is Rob McKenna, and if ever there was a wolf in sheep’s clothing, McKenna is it. When a women’s health clinic in Olympia was firebombed by Christian extremists, McKenna sat on the investigation, delaying it as long as possible before the Feds took it away from him.

My other reason for voting against him is that if Rossi fails, he will be the Republicans strongest candidate for governor. He is charismatic enough to pull it off, and dangerous enough to do a lot of damage. Stop him now.

State Treasurer: Jim McIntire (D)

Jim McIntire is a level-headed Economics professor turned politician, and while he doesn’t have President Bartlett’s aptitude for grandiose statements, he is very good at his job. He believes in civic investment and is supportive of Gregoire’s rainy day fund.

State Auditor: Brian Sonntag (D)

Okay, Sonntag is a bit of a dick. He endorses republicans, he says idiotic statements about the governor’s race, but as lame as he is, the guy running against him is worse. Dick McEntee is a republican zealot. Rapidly partisan, he plans to turn the auditor’s office into a constant thorn in Chris Gregoire’s side, preventing actual governor. Hold your nose and vote Sonntag.

Commissioner of Public Lands: Peter Goldmark (D)!!!!!!

First of all, can anyone say the word “Commissioner” without thinking of the Joker anymore? Second, vote Peter Goldmark. I’ve met him three times. He is a passionate environmentalist, a wheat and soil scientist, and cattle rancher. He knows how to keep Washington green while promoting the agricultural business responsibly. His opponent is embroiled in a sexual harassment lawsuit. Seriously, this one is a slam dunk.

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Randy Dorn!!!!!

This race is easy. How do you feel about the WASL? Feel like it is ridiculously high stakes, harmful to the educational process and unraveling the funding for our schools? Vote Randy Dorn. If you think it is just peachy keen, vote for the incumbent Terry Bergeson who has been inflicting the WASL upon us, our brothers and sisters, and our neighbors for the last 12 years. Its time to send her packing.

Insurance Commissioner: Whatever

Whatever. Vote democratic. Seriously, this should be an appointed position, we don’t know enough to vote for these sorts of things. Ugh.

For your Legislative Races, ask individually if you are interested, but this should give you a starting point for filling out your ballot.



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