Posted by: sweeneyblog | September 3, 2008

A day in the life of a campaigner

7:00am- Wake up.
7:30am- Pack myself an awesome lunch.
8:15am- Leave for Tacoma office.
9:00am- Banter with the co-ordinated campaign. Print out walking lists for Port Townsend, plan out strategy for today.
10:00am- Drive up to Port Townsend, while listening to Bob Marley and Nirvana.
12:00pm- Sit in Safeway parking lot, eat my lunch and wait for other campaign team to arrive.
12:20pm- Realize we left our maps and walking lists in Tacoma. Fuck.
12:21pm- Go to library and print out make shift lists.
12:22pm- Campaign like crazy, knocking on doors, convincing people to put up yard signs.
5:35pm- Finished campaigning, went and played in a park for a half-an-hour.
6:05pm- Go home
8:45pm- Finally get home and blog.


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