Posted by: sweeneyblog | April 6, 2008

District-Wide Caucus

There I stood, in front of 367 people. Inside I was shaking but my voice was clear.
“I am from the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party!” I shouted, the place erupted in cheers.
“I am a progressive democrat, I am a Howard Dean Democrat, I am a 50 state strategy democrat, I am seperation of church and state democrat . . .”

the applause is building now, like dull roar,

“. . . I am a reproductive health care democrat! I am a peace and prosperity democrat! I. Am. A. Barack Obama Democrat!”
I let the cheer for a moment then plow on.

“The democrats need some backbone and they need some fresh blood.” I roll up my sleeve to show where I donated plasma today.

“My name is James Riley Sweeney and you can take a pint of mine!”

I hand the mike off and the cheers follow me off stage. I don’t know if I’ve been elected to go on to the state convention but it was worth it to make that speech.

I spent all of Saturday surrounded by arguments over platform planks, Hillary vs. Barack, and whether or not we should impeach the son of a bush. It was mostly exciting, rarely boring and overall, quite rewarding. I’ll let you guys know if I got elected, last I heard they were still tallying votes. There were about 100 some people running and only 16 slots so my chances are slim. But it was a damn good speech I gave.

I made second alternate. If two people suddenly die, I’m in.


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