Posted by: sweeneyblog | January 31, 2008

Clinton v. Obama

As promised, here is a side by side comparison of Hillary and Barack. I have given good reasons to vote for them both, as well as reasons to be nervous about voting for them. To break this down, I’ve divided the subjects into stuff about the general election “Electability” and stuff about how they would govern “Presidential”. Enjoy. I have also tried to stick to actual votes as opposed to fluffy personality crap.


Hillary (Pros)

  • Experience: I know she totes this alot but you don’t just elect a president, you elect a whole team of people that they bring with you and like it or not, Hillary has a pre-built and tested team of competent managers. After eight years of disfunctional government, that is looking real good right about now.
  • Progressive: Her health care plan is far closer to universal health care than Obama.
  • Women’s Issues: You would be hard pressed to find someone who has worked so hard to make plan B more accessible, or comprehensive sexual education a priority. Hell, she was working for that in Arkansas.
  • ANWAR: When Sen. Maria Cantwell filibustered the law to open up the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling, Hillary was one of the first and few to stand up with her.

Hillary (Cons)

  • Corporate: She has taken more money from Pharm. companies than any other candidate in a long time. Her “Karl Rove” is a union-busting conservative business man and she voted in favor of the large tax cuts for the oil companies that are screwing us right now.
  • More Corporate:  She sat on the board of directors for Wal-Mart.
  • Invade Iran(!!!): Hillary voted to give Bush the authorization to invade Iran. Seriously, girl, what the fuck?! Didn’t you learn the first time?
  • Patriot Act: She also voted to renew the Patriot Act. Not just passed it the first time but back in 2005, when we all knew how crap it was, she voted to renew it. Grrrrrr.
  • Favors/Same Old: We would be installing the same operation we had in the 90s, which includes alot of the corruption on the democratic side. Who knows what sort of favors Hillary and Bill still owe.
  • Dynasties: How can we be promoting open and free democracy abroad when the same two families have controlled our politics for the last twenty some years?

Barack (Pros)

  • International: After eight years of the cowboy president, America would restore a great deal of faith from the foreign community if we elected Barack Hussien Obama, a man born abroad, who does not sound like he is partially drunk. The diplomacy boost would be quite handy.
  • Open Government: I poured through Obama’s senate record, its short, but one of the main bills that he really really worked hard on is the open government act, which created a giant database of all government contracts in an effort to fight corruption. It also forced senate candidates to fill their campaign contributions online, so they can be searched. Definitely an ally of open government.
  • Fresh Group of People: We would see new people and new ideas fill the administration, which frankly, is really necessary right now.

Barack (Cons)

  • Post-Partisan: Barack talks about moving past these partisan divides, which makes me worry on what issues he will compromise to appear so “post-partisan”. Can you think of any issue you want to cede to the republicans?
  • Shady Connections: Barack has a rather chummy relationship with a developer in Chicago, where he defended him against some tenents, in return, the developer built Barack a house. It is probably not illegal, but not ethical.


Hillary (Pros)

  • Tested: There is not a single person that the republicans have tried to destroy more. She has had everything and the kitchen sink thrown at her and yet still she comes. If there were any serious skeletons in her closet, we would know by now. The Hillary you see is the Hillary you get. No surprises.
  • Fighter: During the debates, I would wince whenever Hillary landed a good blow on Edwards but you know what? If she is sharp and vicious with Democrats, wait and see what she does to Republicans. Like or not, she does rip people to shreads and that is nice to have on your team.
  • Historic Women: Dude, first woman president. Hard to walk away from that.

Hillary (Cons)

  • Hated: Sure the republicans didn’t like John Kerry but most people just thought he was boring. Not the same with Hillary. A great number of people, for a variety of reasons, want to hit her with a bus. While I think the race would be close with her in it, I feel we would lose senate races in the more conservative states because of her.
  • Fox Friends: For some reason, she is unusually chummy with Rupurt Murdoch. Bill and Rupurt have been working on some projects together. Anything to do with Fox worries me.
  • I love the 90s:  If she is the nominee, we would have to be dragged through every scandal of the 90s as the media picks and gouges its way through history. *sigh* That would be tedious.

Barack (Pros)

  • Inspirational: For whatever reason, Barack has got it. He has turned out first time voters like no other. Millions of new voters would be casting their first ballot for a Democrat. And you know what the say, once you go democrat, you never go back.
  • Historic African American: First (sorry Bill) black president. Whoot!
  • Excitement: This dovetails with inspirational but there is a great deal of excitement in the media for Barack as well. He would be better received by the CNN’s of the world than Hillary.

Barack (Cons)

  • Unknowns: Barack has never run against a difficult republican opponent before. His senate race in ’04 was practically a gimmie. His legislative races before that were all in a safe district. He has never been balls to the wall with the right-wing. I am worried about what sort of skeletons could tumble out when they start pounding on the door.
  • Signs of Weakness: Whenever Bill criticized him on the campaign trail, instead of hitting back, Barack always complained that it wasn’t right to be running against both Bill and Hillary. Boo hoo. That’s not running a tough campaign, that is whining when you get hit in the ear with a snowball.
  • Knife in the Back: If Hillary loses the nomination, she has so much establishment support that Barack would at times be running against his own party in the general election. I would hope Hillary would help out Barack any way she could, but I fear what form retribution would take. It is said Bill didn’t really campaign too hard for Kerry because he wanted to give his wife a shot in ’08.

    So there is my analysis. I think I am going to vote for Barack because of Hillary’s corporate record. Better an unknown then someone bought and sold but it is a close decision for me. I’m going to leave you with one more point.

Neither Barack nor Hillary will:

  • Double the size of Guantanamo Bay (Mitt Romney)
  • Keep us in Iraq for a hundred years (John McCain)
  • Support Torture for suspected terrorists (All Republicans)
  • Increase the corporate subsidies for oil companies (All republicans)
  • Build a wall along the Mexico boarder (All but McCain)
  • Destroy families by deporting undocumented workers (All but McCain)
  • Bomb the crap out of Iran (McCain)
  • Ban Abortions (All republicans)
  • Keep enforcing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (All Republicans)
  • Institute the Draft (John McCain)

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