Posted by: sweeneyblog | October 8, 2007

Your Guide to Democratic Candidates (part two)

         Hello again everybody. Last time, I profiled the top three runners for the Democratic nomination. This time I will profile the 2nd tier. By 2nd tier, I by no means want to suggest they are inferior but rather they are having trouble breaking double digits in the polls. But good candidates worth supporting. P.S. Totally continuing with my pointing people theme from last time.

Joe Biden
     Long term senator from Deleware. Expert in the area of foreign relations. Most likely to remind you fondly of a playful uncle.


  • Biden believes in splitting Iraq into three seperate regions for the Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds while security and oil-sharing would be run by a single shared government in Baghdad.
  • Wants to remove most troops from Iraq while leaving a contengient there to protect them from Iranian influence
  • Believes in an aggresive foreign policy to secure energy resources abroad
  • Supports Civil Unions
  • His health care plan keeps current insurances system but includes plans for an electronic database to remove excess beauracracy.
  • More international support with fighting Global Warming
  • Fully fund no child left behind
  • Completely fund Homeland Security

Pros: This guy is a foreign policy wonk. Dude, he has diplomat stamped to his forehead. He is more hawkish (war-like) than Hillary, and overall a moderate which would help in the general election.

Cons: He made some rather inflammatory commments about black people, nobody knows who he is and it almost seems like he is running for secretary of state rather than president.

Bill Richardson
       Governor of New Mexico, former Secretary of Energy under Bill Clinton, former Ambassador to the UN under Bill Clinton, brokered a treaty in Darfur last year, influencial in negotiations with North Korea in reducing their nuclear program, House Representative for fourteen years, probably did many other remarkable things but I am totally out of space for this mini-bio.


  • Completely withdraw everyone from Iraq, no soldier left behind. Offer a “surge of diplomacy” to fill administrative gap so the government is run by diplomats not military generals.
  • By far the most complex and thorough energy plan I have seen (next to Chris Dodd). Complete with Carbon tax, fully funded alternative energy sources, working with oil companies to refocus their resources on other sources.
  • Scrap No Child Left Behind and offer up a teacher minimum wage of $40,000 a year.
  • In favor of complete domestic partnerships for LGBT, with full legal benefits.
  • Health Care plan involves everyone buying into the same program congress does and getting insurance through them.
  • Made a point of saying will only appoint judges who are explicietly pro-choice.

Pros: Dude, go up and read his resume again. This guy is overqualified for President. He is competent, has got some great ideas and a very thorough platform. He is also Latino, which would be wonderful considering it is the only minority group the reliably votes Republican. It is my suspicion that he will be tapped as V.P by the eventual nominee.

Cons: My main problem with Richardson is how he talks about other democrats. He says things like, “Unlike those Democrats in Washington, I won’t raise your taxes.” which is just trashy. The GOP is going to beat up on us anyway, no need to make it any easier.

Chris Dodd
   Long-time Senator from Connecticut. Looks kindof like an angry troll.


  • All troops out by 2013. Safe steady withdrawal.
  • The most intensely progressive energy plan I have every seen. Complete with launching a national project on the scale of the Apollo missions to find a usable renable energy source. And everything I said for Bill Richardson. Its crazy good. Plans to break our dependence on Middle Eastern oil by 2015.
  • Restore Habeas Corpus
  • Free community college for everyone who wants it.
  • In favor of the states deciding Gay Marriage, but supports that his state (CT) was one of the first to have Gay marriage.
  • Single Payer Health Care plan. Everyone pays a little to Uncle Sam who than makes sure everyone gets access to a health care provider.
  • Preserve Net Neutrality, big on protecting these “series of tubes”

Pros: Progressive, very tech-savy. Good on financial issues and repair the damage Bush has done to our legal system

Cons: Has no money or really any name recognition.


Dennis Kucinich
   Former mayor of Cleveland, current House Representative. Riley’s candidate of choice for 2004. Part-time Lepracaun impersonator.


  • Immediately end the war and bring all troops home
  • Create a Department of Peace
  • Legalize Marijuana
  • Universal Single Payer Health Care
  • A full investigation into what actually happen on Sept. 11th
  • Put Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfield on trial for War Crimes

Pros: This guy is a dreamer with big ideas and lofty goals. He is passionately and unforgivingly liberal. Was one of the only candidates back in ’04 to endorse immediate withdrawal from Iraq. 

Cons: When Fox News decided to host a Democratic debate, most candidates dropped out saying Fox keeps smearing them, why should they support them? But Kucinich defended Fox, saying they should reach all audiences. He went on to repeatedly appear on Fox News whenever they need a “Liberal” to mock. Also, did you see the part about Department of Peace? Kucinich was relevent in 04 when he was the only one with a strong anti-war messege. Now, no longer.

Mike Gravel
     Former Senator from Alaska in the seventies. Mostly appears at the debates and youtube ads where he stares at the camera then hurls a rock into a lake. Most likely to remind you of your senile old grandfather.


  • All troops home from Iraq by Christmas ’09
  • All health care paid by a progressive sales tax through the goverment
  • Wants to end the war on drugs by declaring addiction a health issue, not a law enforcement issue.
  • Supports Gay Marriage.
  • Wants to make a national initiative process so citizens can amend the constitution
  • Against Gun Control

Pros: He’s funny, clever, and richously pissed off. He called Hillary a “dynasty” and said that we are heading towards hell and a hand basket with provoking Iran.

Cons: He isn’t actually doing any campaign stops, only showing up for debate and raising money online. And he’s kindof crazy. In my biased opinion, comes off as a crazy old coot. Just saying.

So there is my guide to the Democratic Candidates. Next time, I will profile the Republicans.






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